Fixed one more

Finally I have moved past the difficult time 🙂 and have fixed another bug . Added some general checks to validate the email id and phone number. This one was easy. It gave me some opportunity to work with “GLib” which can be used simply like the general int,chars etc and it has various added […]

Difficult Times :(

It happens at least twice a week for me that i land into awkward situations 🙁 . Last week everything was working fine for me. I was trying to learn things and do something and eventually meeting with success. But things have become really difficult for me since Jony ( the person mentoring me) has […]

Amazed by the writing style followed by GNU

As we all know that GNU is itself a recursive acronym which stands for “GNU Not UNIX”. While studying how translations are done and managed in opensource softwares i found out two amazing naming patterns “I18n & L10n “. Can you understand anything ? No, I also could not get anything. I18n stands for internationalization […]