openSUSE 11 installation from hard disk

openSUSE 11 was released during vacations. So I was waiting anxiously to download and use it. The day I came to college put my luggage in the room, managed to get the LAN wire patch ( I did not know where mine was) and checked for the internet. To my amazement the connection was proper […]

why do we need to attend classes

Last night after a lot of counter strike and a LDTP installation, my back said, “i wont let you sit more”. Then I went to bed and started to think about the classes. Yeah ! I some times also think about my classes. When it had not started I thought it is high time why […]

My first bug fix is now accepted !

It gives me immense pleasure to declare that my first bug fix is now accepted and available in the svn.It was committed to the trunk long back and I was waiting for it to become publicly available. Now it is available 🙂 You can see my name in the Changelog. i have fixed one more […]