using GIT behind proxy

GIT is another software used for version control as SVN or CVS. Today when I was at gym Shreyank requested me to find out a possible solution for using GIT as he saw what I had posted earlier to use SVN and Pidgin. He was really very happy to see Pidgin working. I came back […]

Using SVN and Pidgin via(or behind) proxy

As our college has installed new proxy server, it has become difficult for people to use Linux. So I spent some time and then found out ways to resolve some problems. SVN can be easily configured to work behind proxy. In your home directory search for the .subversion directory. If the directory does not exist, […]

I am becoming serious towards classes now!

And that is true. I have started attending more classes than ever before in this college except Majhi’s. Look its already 8.10 and I am writing blog because its Majhi’s class!  the coolest teacher of our department and I know that he will let me enter in the class even if it is 8.30. So […]

mp3 support and software installation

This is the requirement of all the people in my college and many others. Initially it was a big problem for me also but later I was able to resolve it. Additionally you can take a look on which I have noticed just now and it actually explains you how to add repositories to […]

Linux installation for newbies from scratch

I am overwhelmed by the response of people to my previous post on installation of openSUSE from hard drive. So I have decided to give all the instructions from basic. I will discuss the general things, applicable to all distros, and the installation of openSUSE 11.0 in particular. “Distros” if you do not know is […]