restoring panel for KDE 4.1

I installed openSUSE 11.1 and within no time i screwed my panel while trying to personalize things. This is how we restore it to default, (read it in opensuse forum) Log out and open a command prompt using Ctrl+Alt+F1. Then login as same user. And run this command rm .kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc This is the filewhere configuratations […]

Trying ubuntu 8.04 and NTFS write support on Linux

I have shifted to Ubuntu after using openSUSE and I must admit that I am totally impressed by Ubuntu. Its repositories are simply amazing. You can search and install almost everything that you require even linuxdcpp. Also I have seen that Ubuntu is highly documented when I was browsing through the LTSP section. Last night […]

Pen-GUI-n at Mukti 09

Pen-GUI-n event is a new event in Mukti this year. I am assigned to coordinate this event. So I will have to learn some GUI programming for this first. After the exams are over I will learn at least GKT and pyGTk. Visit the link above for the details. And please take part 🙂 .

Mukti 09 coming up in Feb 09

MUKTI is an annual national level technical symposioum on GNU/Linux and Free Software organinsed by GNU/Linux Users’ Group of NIT Durgapur. This year it is sheduled from 6-8 February, 2009. So be prepared all of you who want to participate. This year we have some new events with the regular events as in previous years. […]