why do i use linux

There are many people around me obviously I am talking about Windows users, who ask me this question. I have a very simple answer. 1. I dont have to pay for it and to the various softwares that I use. Yes that is it. I realised this after Abhas Abhinav’s Talk during Mukti [strongest of […]

server administration is a difficult task

Just a week back I start to manage our GLUG server and since then it has turned out to be a nightmare for me. Every now and then something happens and people start pinging you. Whenever I go out and come to room I just type the url of the server on my browser to […]

making direcories and symbolic links in apache web directory

This made me worried for the past two days. Thanks to IRC I got the solution. Add these lines at the end of your default-server.conf file for apache. On opensuse it is in /etc/apache2/defualt-server.conf <Directory “path to directory like /srv/www/htdocs/download”> options Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks SymLinksifOwnerMatch ExecCGI MultiViews AllowOverride All Order allow,deny Allow from all </Directory> […]

some people are just unusual

I happen to know one such man he was my mentor, Johnny Jacob (just google him) when I was trying to hack Evolution in summer vacation last year. Nearly one and a half month back he contacted me to work on Evolution again. I was very much excited to do that but I was busy […]

setting up an SVN server is as easy as eating cake

I tried to set up an svn server on my laptop today as I have organized a hack session today to bring in more people for hacking FOSS. I have chosen opendchub for three reasons: 1. They have seen it working. And they actually use it. 2. The source code is as less as 10 […]

Codecracker stats

After the event finished I calculated the stats. This really thrilled me Codecracker stats: Total teams that registered for the event : 118 Total teams that submitted solutions : 49 Total number of correct submissions : 44 Total number of submissions : 346 These are stats from Feedjit The site grabbed attention of many people […]

Codecraker Finals

I am writing this post from IT Dept lab from where the codecracker server is running. After a lot of problems and testing we finally managed to get codecracker working in Python and it has run smoothly without any failure till now. Now only 20 minutes are left for it to end. It feels good […]