ScribeFire Plugin for Firefox

I like to use Firefox because of the add-ons it provides. I mostly use Fast Dial, Webmail notifier, Download Them all, Twitterfox, Google toolbar. Just now I installed ScribeFire blog editor. This is really a cool add-on. You just have to press F8 and you get a nice interface, go ahead and type whatever you […]

Some things I have been doing these days

I have become a kind of person who does not care about examinations any more and keep on doing some stuffs. 1. I always wanted to have a bot on our channel (#nitdgplug on Freenode, though we have very less to log, you all are welcome to our channel :P). So i used eggdrop to […]

How to /boot/grub/menu.lst for network install

Yesterday I went to help a Professor from Mechanical Department who had mailed me for help. He was really struggling with windows as desperately wanted to get Linux installed as he was not familiar with windows software. He was the first man I have ever met who said that he was struggling with office excel […]