Automated testing with JUnit

I have learnt some automated testing with JUnit. Junit is a java package which lets you write test suites so that you can simply run them when you program is done. It is good for software development as you can re-run the same tests again and again, and you can save some time and even […]

Setting CLASSPATH for Java in Linux

This was really tough for me since I had never used command line for compiling java programs, I always used Netbeans for coding in Java. Recently I started learning JUnit for which I decided to use command Line. Whenever I googled for its solution I got $ export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH: But this did not fix my […]

Running topcoder applet behind proxy

Somehow the default Iced Tea Webstart throws NullPointerException which I dont know how to debug. I downloaded SUN JDK and installed on my machine, you can use your package manager also. It usually gets installed in /usr/java/jdk-<version> and /usr/java/latest links to the latest version installed, so it is better to use the later. Then download […]