GScribble new release

I started this project back in last summer. I wanted to learn something, and I had already been hit by twitter. As a result I lost interest in blogging, I always wished something like twitterfox so that I could blog whenever I wanted to, without opening firefox. It is a tedious task to open firefox […]

messing up

These days I have no work to do, expect willing time :P, so I thought lets try “Sugar Desktop”, so I installed it using # yum groupinstall sugar then i logged out, and logged in to Sugar, which I later found out that there was nothing for me in it, then I logged out and […]

Mukti 10

Mukti is the annual FOSS festival of NIT Durgapur. We celebrated this from 5-7th Feb 2010. So here is the post on what we did. Since last year we have changed the pattern of what Mukti used to be, we try to bring FOSS developers from all over India, so that people here can meet […]

Codecracker 3.0 stats

Codecracker 3 was a major success among the three seasons of codecracker. Firstly, we went ahead to support four programming languages C, C++, Java and Python and secondly I was the admin ;-). This time we broke all the records of the past with the number of registered teams which rose exponentially to 195 :), […]