Day 5 – AMS Day – Sarchu – Pang

We forgot to take Diamox in Sarchu. It was so cold that we could only think about eating and snuggling inside our beds. Woke up to here¬†ūüôā We had initially planned to reach Leh. We started around 8:30 am. Right after we left the tent we were greeted by some of the beautiful sights. The […]

Day 4 – From greenery to no vegetation (Koksar-Sarchu)

Woke up to realize where we were. It was extremely beautiful with sun shining brilliantly between mountains, a river flowing by, a waterfall. It was a welcome surprise from the last day’s ride in mud. Roads were good for most part of the ride till Baralacha pass. You will also encounter a number of streams […]

Day 3 – The adventure begins – Manali – Koksar

We had reached Manali on a Sunday. Shops are closed on Sunday, so we could not buy most of the stuff, which meant we could not start early. The shops opened around 9:30 am. We bought bungee cords, plastic sheets, rubber shoes and plastic cans for carrying petrol. We went back to the hotel and […]

Day 2 – Oh Manali!

I woke up early around 5 am.¬†I looked out of the window to realize where I was sleeping,¬†among the mountains and there was greenery all around. Suddenly the thought of bike came to my mind, ¬†I rushed outside immediately to check if my bike was still there. Breathed a sigh of relief after I saw […]

Day 1 – The Misadventure Day

I went on this trip with 4 college friends whom I had managed to cajole into this. Flight tickets were booked from Bangalore to Chandigarh. I had already shipped my bike to Chandigarh using GATI which was waiting for me. We rented 3 more bikes from We booked it there after testing it. Recommend […]

Trip to Paradise – Leh, September 2014

This will be a series of posts about my recent Manali-Leh montorcycle trip. Some photos for now: Welcome to the paradise Rohtang Pass Album: