Tips for planning your motorcyle trip to Leh

Planning: Read and research. Start here:…-travel-guide/…ate-guide.html See lot of photos, will keep you excited 🙂 You can ride solo, however I would highly recommend against it. Form a group on Bangalore Bikers or BMC Touring. Ride with experienced bikers. Newbies will find it daunting to ride everyday. I had a guy in my group […]

Day 13-14 – Beautiful Jispa – Back to Manali

We decided to take the day off and enjoy this beautiful village. Jispa is a very small village with couple of hotels and tents. Green trees, a river and snow filled mountain tops. We decided to head to the river. Yak? I’ll come back! The trip is going to be over 🙁 River Chandra and […]

Day 12 – Ice bucket challenge! – Pang – Jispa

We woke up next day to freezing cold at Pang. One of the guys went to take a dump. After he was done, he noticed that water in the cans were frozen. Ice bucket challenge accepted 🙂 I leave the rest to your imagination. I will never ever complain about road conditions! Vishal Taal Ice […]

Day 11 – Adios Leh! – Leh – Pang

I spent next day walking around in Leh and tried Thukpa(Tibetan cuisine). Food is usually good in Leh but prices are generally high. Meanwhile I managed to find an optician and got new spectacles made. It was time to head back. We could not go to lot of the places on our itinerary like Nubra […]

Day 9-10 – Khardung la – Shanti Stupa

There was a marathon from Khardungla to Leh so the the roads were closed for first half. I could barely walk there, wonder how people managed to run. Leh also has less oxygen as per my experience. It is nearly 55 km from Leh. Half of the road is good and rest is gravel. Next […]

Day 8 – Look ma snow!

Day 7 was spent mostly on bed as I was down with cold. Since most of us were tired of riding on gravel, we decided to hire a taxi to go to Pangong Tso, which we never reached. We started at 6:30am for Pangong Tso. Once we crosses Shey village and started the ascend to […]

Day 6 – Leh!

Paji had started to feel better. We had breakfast and then we left for Leh. Tents at Pang Once you leave Pang, the roads are really good and you can ride as fast as your bike can. My avy could only do 70-80. The power had reduced drastically. However there was no problem in start […]