Sending mails from munin using custom command

We use Sendgrid for email delivery on our cloud. Using custom commands in munin can be tricky. After struggling for some time I wrote a small python script to send emails from munin using sendgrid. Add this line to munin.conf contacts mycontact contact.mycontact.command /usr/bin/sendemail “[Munin] Alert for ${var:host}” “warnings: ${var:wfields} / criticals: ${var:cfields}” contact.mycontact.text text […]

Setting up VPN using OpenVPN on Google Cloud or AWS

VPN is a good way to protect your cloud infrastructure from attacks. In the method below I will list down the step how to log in to your vpn machine and access the cloud LAN from you laptop. I am using Debian on Google Cloud as an example. The setup process should be similar on […]

Tag cloud generator in python

Python lacks good tag cloud generators which is simple to use. I needed it in a feature that I was working on. So I wrote a small tag cloud generator based on PIL. The quality of image generated is not very good but it does the job. It is inspired from jQCloud. Most of the logic has […]

Personalizing GNOME and Unity

I have used GNOME 3 for quite some time now. Of late the shell started to crash a lot, so I switched to Unity. I usually hate dark themes, I like bright desktop and larger fonts so that my eyes don’t get strained. It is great that people have so many useful gui tools for […]

Conway’s Game of Life

I came across this a few days back when my colleague showed me this. I was really fascinated with the patterns it was generating. So after coming from office I sat down to write it finally. Read this(’s_Game_of_Life) so that you can understand it properly. Then see the demo here: Keep clicking the random button, […]